About Maddie

Welcome! My name is Maddie Migis. I use this site as a personal blog, but I am always interested in hearing about new opportunities, both in my career and in creating online content. If you would like to chat about something, please contact me.

I have been Social Media Coordinator at The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza since July 2017. Here, I work to continue honoring the life and legacy of President John F. Kennedy. I graduated from The University of North Texas in May 2017 with a degree in strategic communications and distinguished honors from the UNT Honors College.

While at North Texas, I spent my first two years interning at North Texas Athletics, where I worked with the media relations department. In my second year, I served as the media contact for the Cross Country and Track and Field teams, where I handled all social media accounts, wrote press releases and bios, reported to conference and nominated athletes for awards, and communicated with all media. At this job, I learned how to report and read statistics, write press releases quickly with accuracy, how to communicate with press to get athletes covered in local and school papers. I managed social media accounts and communicated directly with coaches about what would make the teams look best.

In August 2015, I transitioned to a different department at UNT. I serves as a Marketing Assistant for the UNT University Union for two jam-packed and fun-filled years. While I was there, the Union is became the third most popular UNT account on most social media platforms. At the Union, I helped to manage social media platforms, run a WordPress blog, and help with large-scale marketing campaigns and campus-wide events. It was great, and it prepared me so well for my future.

Now that I’m not in college, I’m discovering what my interests are as an adult with free time and a little bit of disposable income. So far, I have enjoyed decorating my home, growing and caring for plants and learning how to cook and bake. I hope to document all these adventures here, but you can also catch me @maddiemigis on both Instagram and Twitter.

See you!