British Army Posts Mediocre Response to Blackface Tweet

Oh the Brits, I love them so. I recently came back from a study abroad to London where I had the best time, and I have very fond memories of both the things I did and the people I met for the most part. But, Brits, like Americans, are human, and they make errors. In this case, the error was made by the British Army.


The tweet, which reads: “Being a #soldier in the jungle requires a robust sense of humour” with the above image attached. Obviously, by humour (humor, to us Americans), the British Army means the past time of blackface, which people used to find funny until we learned over time how to be decent human beings. Blackface is obviously no longer socially acceptable, and it’s sad that it was ever acceptable in the first place, but the British Army messed up big time on this. Since blackface hasn’t been funny for at least four score years, it’s not surprising that the internet was angry, and lashed out at the British Army appropriately. To the slew of angry responses the British Army received, this was their response:

The response is a little weak, in my opinion, and, from the backlash, it’s safe to say the internet doesn’t think this is enough either. Directing people back to another place to look at more photos of soldiers in the camouflage, which now, thanks to the British Army’s unsuccessful tweet, just looks like blackface to everyone, probably isn’t the way to go. Now thousands of Irish soldiers, like the man pictured, are likely going to receive backlash too, for wearing blackface. If they don’t receive backlash, it still tarnishes their character. Instead of making their army look brave and courageous while working in the jungle, they’ve made them look silly, if not a bit racist, and haven’t really apologized appropriately either. I still love you though, Great Britain, even though you messed up big time on this one. Send another apology tweet (a better one) and maybe we can still be friends.

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Picture courtesy of the Telegraph.

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