Packing for 5 Weeks in Europe…In 1 Bag

Hey! Welcome to my brand new blog, where I will be updating friends, family, and anyone else who cares about my travels this summer. Full disclosure, I have never been to Europe so I really don’t know if I’m packing everything I need, or a bunch of stuff I don’t. However, I got a lot of stuff in my bag and I am really impressed with myself. I will probably need to buy more stuff, or end up forgetting something very vital. But, this is what I have!

If you weren’t aware, I am attending the Mayborn in London study abroad program this June. The program dates are 6/6-7/8, but I’m leaving early to hit up Paris with my mom! It will be the ultimate girl’s trip. Needless to say, I’m stoked. We will be in Paris until the 4th, where we will take a train (yay!) to London.

During my time in London, I will also be taking some cool day trips, and two weekend trips to Amsterdam and Edinburgh. I’m looking forward to all the fun adventures I will have! Feel free to follow me on twitter (@maddiemigis) or friend me on snapchat (maddiemigis) to see even more of the fun stuff I’ll be doing abroad.

Now about packing, here’s what I did.

I packed 1 carryon-sized bag, but I checked it. I also brought with me on the plane a backpack and a small cross-body bag. These bags include my medicines, my laptop and planner, toothbrush, and a change of jeans to wear when we land. I also packed my adaptor/converter in my bag incase I need it right after I land.

My main suitcase is where the real magic happened though. I used the “roll” method, and it worked really well for me. Here’s what I packed:

  • IMG_15398 shirts
  • 4 pairs of jeans
  • 2 pairs of shorts
  • 2 jersey dresses
  • 2 cardigans (I am wearing one on the plane)
  • 2 pairs of pjs
  • 1 denim jacket
  • 2 workout outfits
  • 5 pairs of shoes, including 1 pair of doc martens for cold/rainy weather and a pair of nikes.

I think this will get me pretty far. It isn’t a lot, but I made many of the pieces were interchangeable to prevent monotony abroad.

I put my shoes on the bottom, hoping that having the soles on the bottom of the bag or inward-facing, they would not soil my perfectly rolled clothes.


Then, I rolled all of the above clothes and tightly packed them into each other. I used to be skeptical of the rolling system, but now I’m hooked. Rolling everything up creates much more space overall.


This is what the bag looked like by the time I had added all of those clothes. Full disclosure, this is a carryon bag. I fit a lot of stuff in such a small space, leaving plenty of room for my toiletries and my makeup.


In the top flap is my underwear, socks and bras, and what I have a feeling will be a majorĀ ?.IMG_1543

THIS is a folding duffel bag. It expands and will hopefully carry lots of goodies home for me, my friends and family.

And finally, here’s a pic of me and my momma, fresh-faced and ready for our nine-and-a-half hour flight. We are gonna have so much fun!


I’d love to hear about what you packed on your Europe trip! I’m a first-timer, so any advice you have I will definitely take to heart. I’ll be sure to update you soon on all my adventures!

See you across the pond!